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MCQ Question Set of Asleep in The Valley HS English || HS English Suggestions ||

 MCQ Questions Practice on

 "Asleep in The Valley " 

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HS English Suggestions 

Most important MCQ Questions 

The soldier sleeps in the

a) night

b) twilight

c) dusk

d) sunlight 

 The soldier keeps one of his hands on his head

a) inside his pocket

b) on his breast

c) on his side

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Large answer Type Questions  on Asleep in the Valley

 Q1> Describe the small valley after Rimbaud as you find it in 'Asleep in the Valley'.

Q2> “In his side there are two red holes". What do the two red holes depict? How is the 'pity of war' reflected in the line? What are the themes suggested in the poem?

Q3> "The humming insects don't disturb his rest."-Who rests and where? Who puts him to rest? Why can't the insects disturb his rest?



The two red holes are marks of

a) stabs

b) bullets

c) arrow 

The innocence of the soldier is compared with A /an 

a) old man

b) a flower

c) a child

The end of the poem produces

a) shock

b) satisfaction

c) delight

d) none of these

While sleeping in the sunlight, the soldier

a) smiles at the outcome of a war

b) catches a severe cold

c) sees a beautiful dream

d) has one hand on his breast

The feet of the soldier are placed among the

a) insects that hum 

b) grass that has a lush growth

c) flowers that grow abundantly

d) the bed of ferns

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Large answer Type Questions  on Poetry of The Earth 

The red holes made by bullet wounds are on the

a) head of the soldier

b) side of the soldier

c) chest of the soldier 

d) none of these

The smile of the soldier sleeping in the valley is

a) gentle but cunning

b) gentle without guile 

c) gentle and warm

d) cold but peaceful

The soldier in the poem, 'Asleep in the Valley', has died due to

a) wounds made by bullets 

b) the excessive heat of the sun

c) a bite of a poisonous insect 

d) none of these

The side of the soldier is

a) full nerved and still warm

b) cold as soldier is sleeping

c) warm as it receives the rays of the sun

d) marked by blood spots due to bullet injuries

The insects in the valley are

a) making a buzzing sound to wake up the soldier 

b) busy in collecting honey from the flowers 

c) leaving the place for its cold climate

 The sleep of the soldier is deep because

a) he has not slept for hours

b) he has found a comfortable bed 

c) he is dead

d) he is not disturbed by any external agents

The mouth of the soldier is open because 

a) he is shivering in cold 

b) he is feeling hot

c) he was eating before falling asleep 

d) he is sleeping peacefully

The word 'infant' means

a) a soldier

b) an eccentric

c) The word 'guile' means

d) A innocence

 The soldier's smile is like

a) an old man 

b) flower

c) a child's

d) the sun

 The feet of the soldier rest among

a) ferns 

b) grass 

c) flowers

d) sunlight

 The smile of the soldier is

a) dreamy

b) cold 

c) spontaneous

d) gentle

The insects of the valley are

a) humming 

b) stinging 

c) chanting

d) flying 

 One hand of the dead soldier rests on his

a) head 

b) Breast

c) side 

d) lips

In the side of the soldier there are

a) bullet wounds

b) arrows

c) flowers

d) tattoos

The poet apprehends that the soldier may catch 

a) a fever

b) his death

c) an infection

d) a cold

The soldier lies in the valley because he is a

a) winner of the war

b) sleeping person

c) casualty of war

d) chocolate-cream soldier

 The poet requests Nature

a) to dull the soldier to sleep

b) to disturb the soldier's sleep

c) to keep the soldier warm 

d) to make the soldier catch cold

 The red holes depict 

a) Aarrow piercing

b) blood clots 

c) bullet wounds

d) stab marks

 In the poem 'Asleep in the Valley' the bullet wounds have

a) left two red holes

b) in the chest of the soldier

c) in the side of the soldier

d) on the skull of the soldier

 The two red holes in the soldier's body depict

a) blood clots

b) bullet wounds

c) tattoo 

 The soldier's one hand lies

a) on his head

b)on his forehead

c) under his head 

d) none of the above 

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Test your Progress 

The soldier’s one hand lies –
(A) on his head
(B) on his cheek
(C) on his forehead
(D) on his breast.

ANS) (D) on his breast

The smile of the soldier is –
(A) cold
(B) warm
(C) innocent
(D) none of these.

ANS) (C) innocent

Asleep in the Valley is a -
(A) Love poem
(B) Nature poem
(C) War poem
(D) None

Ans - (C) War poem

The sun is shining from the -
(A) Mountain cave
(B) Mountain top
(C) Tree top
(D) None

Ans - (B) Mountain top

The bed of the soldier is -
(A) Dry
(B) Sun soaked
(C) Water soaked
(D) None

Ans - (B) Sun soaked

"They fill the hollow full of light" - Here the word 'they' refers to -
(A) The water of the stream
(B) Green grass
(C) Rays of the sun
(D) The bright green grass

Ans - (C) Rays of the sun

The 'sun - soaked bed' of the soldier is described as -
(A) Warm and green
(B) Cold and pale
(C) Warm and pale
(D) Green and mild

Ans - (A) Warm and green

The soldier’s pillow is made of –
(A) flowers
(B) fern
(C) grass
(D) leaves.


The sun’s rays fill the ———– full of light.-
(A) blank
(B) empty
(C) hollow
(D) valley.

ANS) C) hollow

The two red holes depict –
(A) arrow piercing
(B) blood clots
(C) stab marks
(D) bullet wounds.

ANS) (D) bullet wounds.

The poet requests Nature –
(A) to lull the soldier to sleep
(B) to disturb the soldier’s sleep
(C) to keep the soldier warm
(D) to make the soldier catch cold

ANS) (C) to keep the soldier warm

The bullets wounds have left two red holes –
(A) on the chest of the soldier
(B) on the side of the soldier
(C) on the skull of the soldier
(D) on the feet of the soldier

ANS) (B) on the side of the soldier

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